German-Africa Symposium 2023


Heidelberg – Ghana knowledge exchange Planned date: 15-21 Nov 2023


This event is part of a series of other events by 'Arbeitskreis fur Inter Kulturelle Vertandigung (AKIV)' to connect the culture and perspectives of Germany and Africa. In this event, we wish to connect the cultures and knowledge of two cities, Heidelberg (Germany) and Amansie South District, Manso- Adubia (Ghana). The Amansie South District, with the District capital, Manso-Adubia in Ghana, has expressed interest and fascination about how the city of Heidelberg is run. We have Ghanaian students in Heidelberg who have connected the city to the programs and activities of AKIV. As an organization, we have had numerous interactions with the city's Mayor to partner in promoting primary education. We have donated books to schools in this town.

Description of Amansie South District


The Amansie South District was established in 2018 with Legislative Instrument 2325. It shares common boundaries with Amansie West to the North, Atwima Mponua to the Noth-west, Babiani Anwiaso in the Western North Region to the West, Amansie Central to the East, Obuasi Municipal to the South-East and Upper Denkyira in the Central Region to the South. It is located within latitudes 6.05o West: 6.35o North: 1.40o South, and 2.05o East. The district spans an area of about 1,364 square kilometres and constitutes nearly 3.4% of the total land area of the Region. The population of the district is estimated to be 116,366, made up of 61,460 males and 54,906 females. The climatic condition in

the district is wet semi-equatorial with a double rainfall maximum regime- with the major rainy season occurring between March and July.

There are two major forest reserves within the district, namely, the Apamprama and Oda forest along the Offin and Oda River ranges.

The Amansie South District is interested in two (2) broad areas:


a.       City marketing for tourism


Heidelberg is a key destination for tourism, and the city of Heidelberg keeps advancing in this area with new initiatives. Amansie South is endowed with many fascinating natural resources, such as forests, Rivers and a beautiful landscape. The district has identified a tourist site called the Mmorho Sacred Groove with the formation of a rocky enclave which is beautified with different species of bats and butterflies. Unfortunately, this tourism potential is not developed. The authorities of Amansie South District wish to learn from their Heidelberg counterparts how to build the district's tourism potential and successfully market it.


b.       Developing cities of the future (sustainable and climate-friendly)


Heidelberg has a long tradition of being climate and nature friendly, with large portions of the city covered in green. It strives to take that further by protecting the environment through climate-friendly initiatives with sustainability at its core. The Amansie South District is blessed with gold mineral deposits and is highly noted for Large and Small-scale Mining activities. The district aspires to keep the vast lush forest and green places, but illegal mining activities threaten this. Illegal mining and unsustainable logging are destroying the woods and water bodies in the area. The Amansie South District is exploring ideas to address this problem and build a climate-friendly and sustainable abode for its inhabitants. We believe Heidelberg is a great model that can exchange their decades of experience with Amansie South District.

Tentative Program Line-up




This program is partly organized and supported by the Heidelberg University student chapter of AKIV.