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German – African Symposium (GAS) 2023

German – African Symposium (GAS)2023

Heidelberg – Ghana knowledge exchange Planned date: 15-21 Nov 2023


This event is part of a series of other events by 'Arbeitskreis fur InterKulturelle Verständigung (AKIV e.V)' to connect the culture and perspectives of Germany and Africa. In this event, we wish to connect the cultures and knowledge of two cities, Heidelberg (Germany) and Amansie South District, Manso- Adubia (Ghana). The Amansie South District, with the District capital, Manso-Adubia in Ghana, has expressed interest and fascination about how the city of Heidelberg is run. We have Ghanaian students in Heidelberg who have connected the city to the programs and activities of AKIV. As an organization, we have had numerous interactions with the city's Mayor to partner in promoting primary education. We have donated books to schools in this town.

German – African Symposium (GAS)2022

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